QARTIS S.A. Christmas Eve 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: December 2016

On 21st December 2016 we have prepared our company's Christmas Eve. Apart from honest wishes and delicious treats, we have also organized a contest "Gingerbread Christmas Tree" for the most beautiful gingerbread ornament. Nikola, our offset printing specialist's daughter, became a winner. Also, in terms of group project, we have decorated Christmas packs filled with clothes and toys, which were later handed to "Słoneczna Przystań" child care home in Janowiec Wielkopolski. We would like to thank our employees and friends for participation and helping in realization of these projects.

More photos available in our Facebook and Google+ profiles galleries.

Visiting Fogra Forum Smart-Card Production 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: June 2016

On 16th June 2016 in Munich, Germany, a one day Fogra Forum Smart-Card Production took place. As usually, leaders among suppliers and manufacturers participated in the event. This time the main topics of symposiums were "new materials and innovative coatings", "colour management", "new electronic testing procedures" and "quick characterisation of surfaces and the interior construction of multi-layer cards". After panels a bavarian evening was organized, during which participants took a tour of Allianz Arena — home of the FC Bayern football club.
Below we present a few photographs of the stadium.
Allianz Arena Allianz Arena

Eleventh anniversary of Qartis S.A.

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: April 2016

On 11th April 2016 Qartis S.A. celebrated its 11th year of operation. During these years we have produced over 600 million cards, cooperated with hundreds of clients - big and small, starters and leaders of industries. We want to thank you all for doing business with us; for giving us the possibility to gain experience which came with every each production; for setting high requirements which strengthened our development; for extending your trust in us and using our offer with benefit.
We shall keep making efforts so our future cooperation will be a reason for contentment of our current and future clients.

Fogra Forum

Autor: P.Bonk    Submited: March 2016

16th June 2016 in Munich, experts from card production industry will meet together at Fogra Forum, dedicated to smart-card production. During this one-day-long meeting guests may expect a full gamut of color management applications and testing methods used in modern smart-card production. It will also be an opportunity for production and research specialists to exchange experience and insights, as well as gaining information about innovative production and processes optimisation techniques.

The forum will also be a chance to renew old acquaintances and making new ones, as it will be ended with Social Evening combined with guided tour in Allianz Arena.

Fogra Forum 2016

Our representative: Mikołaj Ściesiński,

Drupa 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: January 2016

After 4 years of waiting, the time came also to return of Drupa. It is the biggest exhibition of production equipment in the world. Previous edition of 2012 turned out to be a huge success for the organizers, over 300 thousand guests from 130 countries visited. This year a selection of subjects will be widely discussed, among others: commercial and industrial printing, packaging production, multichanneling, 3D printing and also green printing. Drupa 2016 will take place as always in Düsseldorf, Germany between 31st May and 10th June 2016.

Drupa 2016

Our representative: Mikołaj Ściesiński,

Customer Loyalty Summit 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: January 2016

Between 20th and 22nd April in Cracow, Poland, the 7th edition of Customer Loyalty Service will take place - a forum devoted to building relations with clients and business partners. Meetings and conferences will be divided in four categories: "Loyalty in Retail", "Loyalty in Services", "Loyalty in Traditional Channel", "Churn & Retention Management". There will also be a workshop day entitled "Data Centralization". Scene of the meeting will be a 5-star hotel of Holiday Inn Kraków City Center in the old city center.

Customer Loyalty Summit 2016

Our representative: Sylwia Jakoby-Binkowska,

ICMA Expo 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: January 2016

ICMA together with Smart Card Alliance will organize the ICMA Expo 2016 mutual event which will take place between 4th and 7th April 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Exposition will offer ICMA members the possibility to get in touch with advanced payment technologies and their service providers, while in the same time broadening knowledge about security, chipped cards and personalization. Among the participants we will see companies dealing in production equipment, materials, services and also eco-friendly production solutions.

ICMA Expo 2016

Our representative: Mikołaj Ściesiński,

RemaDays 2016

Author: P.Bonk    Submited: January 2016

New year equates to new possibilities... and also new editions of interesting summits and industry events. We plan to show up on a few of those.

For a good start we will visit the International Days of Advertising RemaDays 2016 - one of the biggest events of printing and advertising industries in Europe. It will already be the 12th edition. This particular event merges different sectors of advertising: Out&InDoorSystems, GiftsWorld, TechnologyPark, PrintShow, PhotoCreation, EventShow, InternetSolution, TextiteZone, School&OfficeRoom. Last year, RemaDays was visited by over 16000 industry professionals and 600 exhibitors. The event will take place from 16th to 18th February 2016 in Warsaw Expo, Nadarzyn near Warsaw City.

RemaDays 2016

Our representative: Agnieszka Grzechowiak,

Merry Christmas & and a Happy New Year

Author: M.Jagodzińska    Submited: December 2015

CARTES Secure Connexions 2015

Author: M.Jagodzińska    Submited: November 2015

Cartes Secure Connexions is an international event that joins together companies operating in the field of smart technology, especially devoted to security, identification, payment and mobility. Cartes Secure Connexions was first organized in 1985 and since then it has grown to become a prestigious event gathering manufacturers, suppliers and clients from around the world.
The 30th edition of Cartes Secure Connexions took place in Paris in the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition center at 17th – 19th November. The event took place in the shadows of the terrorist attack which took place on 13th November, barely 4 days earlier. Even though organizers expected lower visitors frequency than last year, the exhibition turned out to be a success – 394 exhibitors and over 15000 clients from all over the world visited. As always the event happened to be an excellent place for valuable conversations, advices and inspiration, however this year it happened in a much more emotional tone of support.
Moreover, it was officially announced that 31st edition of Cartes will bring changes, starting with a new name for the event – TRUSTECH.

Brotherhood of Gutenberg Award

Author: M.Jagodzińska    Submited: May 2015

'Kaszta Gutenberga' Award 2015We would like to inform that on 21st May 2015 the Jury of Brotherhood of Gutenberg Award recognized us with the award in Export category in group of small enterprises.
The Award is meant to promote Polish printing companies which excel over others in categories of "innovation", "export" and "professional education", and itself is a sign of economic success. The ceremony occured on 26th May 2015, during a conference entitled "Printing and packaging in Poland 2015" organized during the first day of "Poligrafia" fair in Poznań.
We would like to thank the organizers for appreciating our work.

Złota Setka Pomorza i Kujaw 2015

Author: A.Ludwig    Submited: April 2015

Each year with the beginning of spring intensive preparations for the Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavia continue — this year for its 19th edition. Traditionally, over 100 companies will place on this prestigious list according to their financial ratings and innovativeness. It will not only be big and medium companies but also small ones; those with a long tradition and those only just appearing on the market. Entrepreneurs will also choose the best councils from our region. Soon — because on the 18th of May in Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz — we will meet the winners of this year’s ranking.

Qartis S.A. for the second time is a partner of Gazeta Pomorska in this big event.

Tenth anniversary of Qartis S.A.

Author: M.Jagodzińska    Submited: April 2015

On the 11th of April 2015 Qartis is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Despite the difficult economic reality of the past decade we have coped splendidly. We are very proud of these years; of the over 500 million cards that left our company; of the experience that came with working with hundreds of clients worldwide; of co-operation with renowned brands and of people that were and still are with us working on our success.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all our Clients and Contractors.

ICMA Expo 2015

Author: M.Ściesiński    Submited: January 2015

ICMA EXPO has been gathering plastic cards manufacturers, suppliers and personalisers since 1990. It enables not only co-operation, experience and ideas exchange but also the study of emerging trends and opportunities in the plastic cards industry.

This year ICMA EXPO celebrates its 25th anniversary in Phoenix, Arizona between 29th March and 1st April. We will have the pleasure to take part in this event, meet our business partners and friends and talk about the directions and future of plastic cards.
Please, feel free to contact me!

Mikołaj Ściesiński — Managing Director, e-mail:

RemaDays Fair

Author: M.Jagodzińska    Submited: January 2015

RemaDays is one of the biggest trade shows in Central Europe devoted to advertising and printing industry. It takes place in Warsaw between 4th — 6th February 2015. The event joins together four secotors of advertising: Out&InDoorSystems, GiftsWorld, TechnologyPark, PrintShow. It gives the opportunity to compare offers, learn about new products and services, make new contacts and maintain the existing ones and it all under one roof.

Constantly seeking new solutions to meet our clients’ needs to the highest standard - we will be there! Please, feel free to contact us, let’s meet:

Agnieszka Grzechowiak ( & Dariusz Pięta (

Cartes 2014

Author: M. Jagodzinska    Submited: September 2014

Cartes Secure Connexions is an international event that joins together companies operating in the field of smart technology, especially devoted to security, identification, payment and mobility. Cartes Secure Connexions was first organized in 1985 and since then it has grown to become a prestigious event gathering manufacturers, suppliers and clients from around the world. Comexposium, the organizer of the fairs, aims to create events that are never the same and are surprising to both the exhibitors and visitors. The tradeshow is taking place at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre between 4-6 November. A theme for this year?s edition is Users on the Move - "In their everyday life, people are moving and services are moving with them, wherever they are, whatever they do...". In present times majority of services, tools and systems are designed and built to fit users’ mobility. The exhibitors made security of mobile services a central point of the tradeshow. We are proud to join their ranks this year and to present our company, products and services.

Thank you!

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: November 2014


Author: M. Jagodzinska    Submited: May 2012

The Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2014 is a ranking of the best companies of our region. For 18 years this event has been gathering more and more firms, both the big ones and the small ones. According to the owners and directors of the participating companies, partaking in the ranking has at least two great advantages: it gives them an opportunity to test themselves and compare their enterprises with the others. This year by comparison of the companies last year’s financial data the Pillars of the Region will be chosen: big companies with the best financial results, small and medium companies with the best financial results, most innovative big companies, most innovative small and medium companies and the best local government according to the enterprises. As one of the Golden Sponsors we will be at the gala summarising the ranking which will be taking place at the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz on the 26th of May.

Website: [link]


Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: May 2014

Reklama360, a new project of Poznań International Fairs is taking place between 14-16 May and is an excellent opportunity to learn about the newest trends and novelties in the world of advertising, establishing new business contacts and promoting your company’s image. The fairs are intended for manufacturers of machines and materials for advertising industry, manufacturers and vendors of advertising materials, service providers, printers and media practitioners and experts. Feel free to contact us. Let’s meet in Poznan!
Bartosz Blonkowski:
Piotr Król:
Marta Jagodzińska:

Environment Friendly Plastic Cards

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: April 2014

More and more manufacturers undertake steps towards reduction of carbon compounds emission and towards environment friendly practices. The same goes for plastic cards manufacturers. There are already several options which can be taken into account when considering "green" cards production program:
1. Recycled PVC — a 100% recycled PVC is a great alternative to standard PVC cards. They are ideal for printing and are durable. Colour wise, recycled PVC may have a little off-white tint.
2. Biodegradable PVC (BioPVC) is completely biodegradable in the environment fostering bacteria and fungi e.g. compost piles or waterways. When thrown away cards will decompose in one to five years. This will decrease the amount of waste produced each year however, for best results before throwing away they should be shredded and composted to make sure they will not just end up in the landfill.
3. Eco Printer Ribbons refillable ribbon cartridges are ideal solution for minimizing carbon compounds emission. Single use cartridges once the ribbon is used up need to be thrown away. The Eco option allows for reusing the cartridges by installing a refill ribbon which is cheaper than the whole set. Hence this option is not only economic but reduces the amount of waste.
4. Recylced or bamboo lanyards PET plastic lanyards characterise with a great recyclability, hence there is no waste products as new goods are made from reused PET plastic. Bamboo lanyards are made from bamboo fabric which is highly sustainable therefore advantageous to environment . They are also more comfortable to wear than the polyester ones. Additionally bamboo requires less water and energy to grow than other plants and trees.
5. Phthalate-Free Clips and Badge Holders: phthalate is a major pollutant and has also proven to have an adverse effect on health of animals and people. Investing in phthalate-free products reduces the number of toxic chemicals compounds in the environment and can be beneficial for our health.
6. Energy Star Certified Printers: more and more manufacturers use Energy Star certified printers; this means that the device uses less energy to operate, thereby is environment friendly and economical in use.
7. Rewritable cards: another way to "going green" and minimizing the amount of waste is using rewritable cards instead of throwing them away they can simply be "erased" and reprinted. Often it is only updating a number or date (e.g. for visitor badges, tickets, passes). However, they can only be printed in monochrome so they are not suitable for photo IDs etc.
Information available at:

VI International Packaging Trade Show

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: March 2014

VI International Packaging Trade Show — Packaging Innovations 2014
The International Packaging Trade Show is taking place between 9-10 April 2014 in Warsaw where you will be able to learn about the newest trends in packaging, labels, codes, print refinement/finishing, logistics and more. The IV Reverse Logistics Conference and a selection of seminars will also take place during the trade show. It is also a great opportunity to meet. Feel free to contact us!
Dariusz Pięta
Bartosz Blonkowski
Marta Jagodzińska

Event website: "

Let's meet at V Customer Loyalty Summit

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: March 2014

Let’s meet at V Customer Loyalty Summit between 3-4 April 2014 in Cracow! Four loyalty themes are planned for this year’s edition: loyalty in services, retail, business clients and resellers relations. See you there!
Feel free to contact me: Agnieszka Kosycarz
Event website:

Let’s meet at ICMA Expo 2014!

Author: M. Jagodzinska    Submited: March 2014

ICMA Conference and exhibits that take place between 6-9 April 2014, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, for everyone involved in plastic card industry (manufacturers, suppliers, personalisers etc) are a great opportunity to meet. I hope to see you there!

Let's meet at ICMA Expo 2014:
Event website:

The 14th Customer Loyalty Congress

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: February 2014

The 14th Customer Loyalty Congress taking place between 19-20 March in Warsaw is devoted to the loyalty programs and policies that exist on Polish market. Some of the highlights of the events are: B2C loyalty, B2B loyalty, multi-partner programs, mobile strategy and the use of social networking sites. It will also be a great opportunity to learn about the newest trends in loyalty programs and a great platform for sharing experiences. See you there!
Event website:,14-kongres-lojalnosc-klienta

Name change

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: March 2014

On behalf of Qartis S.A. with headquarters in Solec Kujawski, ul. Brukselska 8, we inform that according to the art.492 § 1, pt 1 of the Commercial Companies Code, Artis ID S.A. (the acquirer) and Qartis Sp. z o.o (the acquired) were merged by transferring assets of the acquired to the acquirer. As a consequence of the above changes, as of 19th June 2013 Artis ID S.A. and Qartis Sp. z o.o. will be known as Qartis S.A. The merger was affirmed by District Court in Bydgoszcz, XIII Economy Department of the National Court Register as of 19th June 2013, whereby the merger was entered to the National Court Register. Consequently, according to the art. 492 §1 of the National Court Register, Qartis S.A. (formerly Artis ID S.A.) took over all rights and responsibilities of Qartis Sp. z o.o. New company details:
QARTIS Spółka Akcyjna
Ul. Brukselska 8
86-050 Solec Kujawski
NIP: 953-250-02-39
REGON: 340041151


Author: M. Jagodzinska    Submited: May 2012

In June 2013 Qartis S.A. joined two projects organised by Bydgoszcz County: "Internship — practice opportunity for secondary schools students from Bydgoszcz County" and "Practical School" which were co-financed by the European Union funds as part of the Operational Program Human Capital, Priority IX Development of education and competences in regions, Operation 9.2 of Attractiveness and quality improvement of vocational education. The projects set up two- and one month summer internships respectively for students from 3 schools: from Koronowo, Karolewo and Solec Kujawski. Internship is an inseparable part of learning of the chosen profession. It gives the opportunity to broaden the knowledge gained at school but most of all to use it in practice. Because practice makes perfect. Qartis S.A. gave that opportunity to students from a secondary school from Solec Kujawski. They learned from experienced professionals. The students had the chance to observe practical aspects of Mechatronics industry; they learned about Health and Safety at work, new technologies and their implementation and operation, production processes, documentation circulation in the workplace and quality control. In other words they became a part of the company and members of the team. They experienced full time professional life and put their knowledge into practice. The experience they gained will surely be an asset in their future job applications. We are happy we could share our experience and take an active part in training of young professionals.

New Headquarters

Author: M.Jagodzinska    Submited: November 2011

Development of production line and investments in new technologies that took place in recent years called for additional production space. That is why in 2011 our company moved to a specialised production and office complex in an Industrial Park in Solec Kujawski near Bydgoszcz. New headquarters are nearly 2000m2 big and consist of a production space with modern machinery, controlled access personalization and mailing office, and management and sales offices.

Plastic Card in a New Light

Author: M. Jagodzinska    Submited: June 2011

For clients seeking for extraordinary products we developed a printing technique that allows print on a diffraction foil. Introduction of such solution enables the production of a card that is iridescent on a whole surface or contains holographic patterns in the base. Also, depending on the angle, we can obtain changeable pictures or an additional optical effect.