• white PVC (other colours on request)

  • Transparent PVC

  • Bio PVC,

  • PET-G, Teslin


  • customized shapes

  • key tags

  • bag tags

Printing process

Maszyna drukująca KOMORI5 colour computer-controlled Komori litho presses for standard 4 CP effects and Pantone colours to ensure consistent color throughout print run.
Svecia Silk Screen presses for glittering, metallic, pearlescent and other special effects like UV spot varnish and tactile surface: frosty, silk, sandy, dewy as well as more functional effects like: signature panel, glowing in the dark print, fluorescent colours.


Process of lamination allows to protect print image and bond card construction giving gloss or matt finishing to the card surface.

Signature panel

Plastic card with signature panel

Selective area of the card might be covered with special ink absorbing layer of varnish or film to put signature or personal data. Positioned in any place of any size signature panels are available as:

  • white

  • transparent

  • with overprint

Hologram layer

Hot foil stamping

To make card more distinctive, unique or secured holographs or logo are pressed from a special metallic foil.

Magnetic stripe

The most popular recordable medium to store data in LoCo and HiCo version available in various colours, still black being most often applied.