Plastic card with embossingRelief stamping of individual data such as names, numbers with convex effect frequently used in bank cards. The inscription is additionally tipped with silver, gold, black or other colours.

Thermal Print

The most popular way of applying personal data by a printer from a thin layer of colouring film. It enables the convenient selection of type to background:

  • monochromatic for personal data, serial numbers, barcodes, etc.

  • multicolour for photographs to ID cards.


Most often used for barcode printing, suitable for cards that don't require long-term durability, such as seasonal promotional cards or periodical access cards.


Plastic card attached to a letterPersonalized cards are usually distributed by traditional direct mailing or directly passed in cash points as registrations forms. That form requires that data on the card are consistent with data on the form or data on the accompanying letter. Qartis offers matching data in accordance with the database from the customer, also pasting cards to etuis, adverts, newspapers, etc.

Direct Mailing

By looking for effective way to reach customers we more often come back to traditional form of communication by personally addressed letter-post items. Such consignments, called Direct mailing are addressed to strictly selected group of customers. Direct mailing can be addressed to strictly selected group of customers, grouped according to: age, gender, education or residence place. Direct mailing allows to create personalized offer and effective interaction with recipient.