Access cards

Access card is used as a key to access control systems for rooms and office buildings, badge card during closed events and time registration. Access cards are based on simple magnetic stripe or more advanced systems in RFID technology. Qartis is a selected supplier of hotel key cards, boarding cards an exhibition badges.

Public transportation cards

Season ticket in the form of a plastic card is a durable and safe solution used by public transportation. Qartis offers plastic tickets in standard thickness: 0,76mm as well as thin cards 0,50mm with magnetic stripe, signature panel or hologram protecting against counterfeiting.

ID cards

Identity cards on plastic core are more solid and handy alternative to traditional documents printed on paper. Plastic document are personalized with individual data, company&rSquo;s data, photo and additional securities: hologram, microprint, serial number, signature panel. Qartis is reliable provider of identity cards and plastic forms for administrative authority, public organizations, health care, ect


Certificates in the form of plastic cards are prestigious documents confirming authenticity of the product. Card–certificate by its unique form and quality confirms high standard of the product. Qartis has technology and solutions for every most demanding brand, at the same time providing a wide range of security solutions to protect against counterfeiting: holograms, microprint or serial numbering.

Loyalty Cards

Plastic loyalty card is a key tool to most loyalty programs to identify customers and give them access to profits, discounts or special offers. The idea behind the loyality card is to strengthen relationship between the company and its customers by rewording the card holder with a prestigious and outstanding card. Qartis transforms your most complex designs into eye-catching card project by applying range of printing and finishing processes.

Gift Cards

Plastic gift card is a convenient promotional tool to attract new customers and maintain regular ones. Gift card is the best solution to offer a free choice of what and when you would like to buy. Growing popularity of gift cards means active competence between brands. Brand managers take care to have their cards looking appealing and encouraging to purchase. Qartis offers memorable gift cards and card related solutions which are attractive, exiting and get deep to recipient&rSquo;s heart.